The Three Strategies Every Crypto-Investor Must Use to Save Money on Taxes!


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Discover the tax strategies your tax preparer doesn't know and save money on taxes for 2017!

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Here's what you will discover in this free tax training!

Everyone is jumping into the Crypto Currency pool including the I.R.S..... If you invest in Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin etc. the IRS also wants their cut. If you think the IRS can't find you because crypto currency transaction are anonymous, guess again! They have ways to find your transactions and gains. Right now you're missing out on deductions that can lower your income taxes. If you want to cut your taxes, you have to know what deductions you can qualify for! I'm sharing the deductions you are missing in this training!

  • The Three Categories You Must Know before the IRS Allows You to Take a Deduction!

    Not everyone who buys and sells Bitcoin can take tax deductions. Learn the three categories the IRS describes for taxpayers who engage in buying and selling crypto currency. Discover which category gets the biggest tax breaks and how to set up your deductions!

  • The One Legal Strategy The IRS Uses to Find Bitcoin Transactions!

    Crypto Currency transactions like Bitcoin may be anonymous but the IRS has found a way to discover your transactions. This is why learning the proper deductions can save you money!

  • The Top 4 Tax Breaks That Can Save You Thousands!

    Discover the top four tax breaks that can save your thousands of dollars if you buy or sell Bitcoin or any other crypto currencies. Discover how to avoid getting in trouble with the IRS by learning the rules to take the tax deductions!

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He is the author of the Amazon Bestseller "Start Me Up! The-No-Business-Plan, Business Plan" and "The 10 Minute Motivator".

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