How the Tax Reform Changes of 2018 will affect your Tax Returns AND How to Prepare for Them to Save Money!

The secret deductions that can help you save money on taxes and the ones that will go away in 2018!


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Discover the tax strategies your tax preparer doesn't know and save money on taxes for 2017!

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Everyone's confused on about the new tax plan! Are your taxes going up or are they going down? Using the right strategies can save you and your business thousands of dollars in tax savings. In this limited training, you'll discover the strategies and deductions that many people are missing out on every year!  Right now you're missing out on deductions that can lower your income taxes. If you want to cut your taxes, you have to know what deductions you can qualify for! I'm sharing the deductions you are missing in this training!

  • The Top 4 Deductions and Strategies You don't want to miss in 2018!

    Getting the right deductions can save you thousands in taxes. Discover which category gets the biggest tax breaks and how to set up your deductions!

  • Why getting divorced in 2018 can raise your taxes!

    In this training, I’ll share the biggest change that can cost you thousands of dollars in additional taxes if you get divorced in 2018 and what you can do!

  • The big write off that is going away and will cost you thousands of dollars!

    Congress and the President stopped one of the most widely used business tax deductions in 2018. Millions of small businesses and individuals who operate as independent contractors will no longer be able to take this deduction!

  • Discover how to get tax free money if your home is destroyed!

    Discover how the new tax bill provides a loophole for tax free money to homeowners in disaster areas!

    And learn many more tax deductions that can save money on your taxes…….

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About Ebong Eka, CPA

Ebong is a tax and small business expert who regularly appears on MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Channel, NBC and CNN. Ebong is also an accomplished TEDx Speaker, Huffington Post Small Business Blogger, Office Depot Blogger and Bank of America Small Business Community Ambassador.

He is the author of the Amazon Bestseller "Start Me Up! The-No-Business-Plan, Business Plan" and "The 10 Minute Motivator".

Places Are Limited! Register Now to Avoid Missing Out on Tax Deductions!

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